Hi and welcome!

I’m Britt. I started this blog to help me live intentionally and as inspiration to live a more humble and honest life. As you probably guessed by the name, I strive to live a life of joy and gratefulness. I won’t keep you here long, so I’ll be quick!

• I’m from and currently reside in North Mississippi after spending the past 8 years in South Louisiana.

• I’ve spent all of my post-college life working in the nonprofit sector.

• I am at my happiest when I’m hosting a cookout with drinks flowing and family/friends buzzing around the house.

• I have never successfully parallel parked.

Here you’ll find the good, the bad, and the random stuff I dabble in —

Cooking — sometimes healthy, sometimes gluttonous;

DIYing — sometimes successful, oftentimes a huge mess;

Stationary and illustrations — Warning: my Southern may come out; 

Product reviews — let’s be honest, this won’t happen often because ya girl is broke;

and life in general — however messy it may get. 

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