Mini Wish App Haul — Expectations vs Realty. Holiday gift ideas!

I’ve been posting a lot about food so I think it’s time to switch it up a little. 

Today, I’m going to do a mini Wish haul review. 

I don’t know if you’ve shopped with Wish yet but I am obsessed. Let me be clear, though. You never know what you’re going to get. For that reason, I’ve stayed away from ordering clothes or expensive items. I don’t think I’ve paid more than $3 total (including shipping) for any item except a water bottle. Everything I buy is almost always $1 with $2 shipping or “Free” with $2 shipping. The worst part (that has turned into a positive) is that it takes so long to ship to you from China that it’s like opening Christmas presents when it arrives. By the time you receive it, you’ve forgotten what all you ordered and it’s a little surprise. If you order multiple items, you will probably receive one every day for a week or so, so that’s fun too. 

The main things I’ve ordered are jewelry, makeup, and things like iPhone accessories and nail polish. The jewelry is hit or miss but I’ve gotten more hits than misses. If there’s a problem with any item, they work with you and it’s super easy to make a claim for a refund! Please, please, please always use PayPal. 

Using Wish is a really good idea if you’re looking for inexpensive items to use as stocking stuffers this year. They have everything under the sun so I’m sure you’ll find something for everyone! Again, just be aware that the quality is hit or miss and shipping takes anywhere from two weeks to a month.

Heads up: There are tons of postings on Wish for the same items so the link prices may not reflect what I paid at my time of purchase. The prices vary (and change on the same posts) so you have to shop around and use your noggin. Always check the shipping first!

I’m going to show you five random items so let’s get started.

I’ll start with my favorite buy so far. Something I have a million of but can’t seem to stop buying — water bottles. And this one is a good one. While they sent me the wrong color, I’m still super happy with it and I kind of like the color they sent better than the color I selected. 

Here’s what I got: 

I’m really happy with this. I can put ice in it in the mornings and still have ice in the evenings even after multiple water refills. It isn’t as good as my Yeti, obvi, but I bought this bottle for the size and shape. Yeti’s and similar bottles/cups are too big for my hands and this size is perfect for comfortably holding/carrying and it is perfect for cup holders. And it doesn’t leak! That was a big concern and it passed the test. You can find these in store but I loved the simple, solid colors since I don’t always want to look at busy patterns. I paid $8 and $4 shipping. 

Next up: eyeshadow. Something else I own too much of. (If that’s possible.)


I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. I’ve been trying to find an inexpensive dupe for all these natural palettes with orange and brown tones for Fall but I just refuse to pay $45 to use less than half of the colors. When I see those price tags I instantly start adding up all the things I could buy for the price of that one item. So I gave Wish makeup a go. 

What I got:

I’ll admit, I didn’t look at the size when I ordered it so I expected a much bigger palette. I ended up getting a travel-like size, though, and considering I have way too much makeup already, I didn’t need anything else to take up more room! So like the water bottle — it worked out. 

Now let’s talk about the quality. While I don’t like to spend lots of money on single makeup items, I do splurge sometimes. I would put this eyeshadow quality up against my Urban Decay shadows and mid-shelf brands like Ulta brand and Nyx. It is so smooth! It’s a powder shadow but feels so creamy. It blends really, really well and it lasts all day — even when I’m too lazy to prime my lids. After using it a few times, I went back and ordered other colors because it’s just that good. I paid $2 total.

Now, another favorite purchase: pre-shaped ballerina nails. 


What I got:

I LOVE ballerina shaped nails. They’re so sassy and I feel like Rihanna when I wear them. Like I’ve mentioned before though, ya girl is broke. I paid $1 for these glue-on nails rather than going to the salon and paying ~$50 for a set that will need to be filled in within two weeks. 
These nails are so much better than any I’ve ever bought at Sally’s Beauty Supply or drugstores. They’re so durable and they hold polish really, really well. 

To test that, I used a polish I got from Wish that I can’t wear on my natural nails because of how easily it chips and comes off. I wore these nails for a little over a week and didn’t have a single chip. I have no idea what they’re made of but there must be a little magic sprinkled in. 

The polish: 

What I received: 

I’ve been trying for years to find the perfect matte olive green nail polish! Who would have thought I’d find it on Wish for $1? Like I mentioned earlier, I can’t wear this on my natural nails. That stinks a little but I’m digging the glue-on nails right now. It may just be my nails, though, because I feel like they get pretty oily even after using a dehydrator. Despite that, for $1, you can’t beat it. It’s the perfect color for fall and Christmas if you get tired of red. I gave up on finding my perfect red shade for my skin tone because I just can’t figure it out. Cools don’t work, warms don’t work. It’s a mess. 
Last up, the rings. 


What I got (plus the nails and polish mentioned above!):

They serve their purpose and they look the same as they were advertised. I’ve worn them multiple times and my fingers haven’t turned green and they haven’t chipped or anything (so far). The only downside is they’re too big for me to wear as midi rings and too small to wear as normal rings. If you buy these and you’re going out, I’d suggest buying those plastic adjusters for the backs of your rings so you don’t lose them. I am SO tempted to use a wire cutter and just make them adjustable rings. It would make so much more sense. I’ll update if I decide to do that! Regardless, worth the $2.
That’s not even a drop in the bucket for what all I’ve gotten on Wish but that’s the end of today’s haul. If you head that way and make some purchases, update me on your reality vs expectations once you receive them! 

Stay tuned for some freebies coming up tomorrow! It’s time to get organized for all of the holiday festivities so I created some cute printables to get you started. 


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